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Women's Health Physiotherapy

What is a Women's Health Physiotherapist?

Physiotherapy for women's health - Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy

A Women's Health Physiotherapist is a physiotherapist who has acquired specialised training in musculoskeletal issues associated with pregnancy, birth, post-natal, breast feeding and 

menopause. They also have advanced training in a number of bladder, bowel, pelvic floor and pelvic pain conditions.

Here at Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy we understand that these issues can be embarrassing to talk about, and at times distressing. We offer a safe caring private environment to diagnose and treat these conditions. Our Women's Health Physiotherapist Ruth is experienced with dealing with these sensitive topics and placing the client at ease.

With many of these conditions all it takes is an accurate assessment and management plan by our Women's Health Physiotherapist to get your life back on track.

What Conditions do Women's Health Physiotherapists Treat?

At Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy our Women's Health Physiotherapist treat a wide range of women's health issues during pregnancy, birth, post-natal and menopause.

Pregnancy and Post-Natal Periods

A combination of a growing baby, pregnancy and postural changes can have a huge effect on your body. Childbirth can weaken your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles and looking after a baby can lead to a number of overall body aches and pains. We can help improve and manage the following pregnancy and post-natal conditions:

  • Pregnancy related pelvic pain and instabilityWomen's Health Physiotherapy Newcastle Pregnant Women
  • Pregnancy related back, neck and rib pain
  • Pregnancy related abdominal pain
  • Wrist pain, tingling or numbness- associated with the increase in body fluid
  • Abdominal muscle separation or weakness
  • Pelvic floor problems
  • Birth related injuries
  • Coccyx pain and injury
  • Hip pain ( Femoroacetabular impingement)
  • Mastitis and blocked ducts
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Return to sport and exercise after childbirth
  • Pain after a caesarean section
  • Pain after a perineal tear, episiotomy and vaginal delivery

Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

Pelvic floor dysfunction refers to a wide range of problems that are due to weak, tight or impaired muscles around the sacroiliac joint, low back, coccyx and/or hip joint. Pelvic floor pain may be complexed to determine the origin of cause. Some conditions may be due to undiagnosed infections, pregnancy, childbirth, poor posture, chronic lower back problems, trauma or a result of surgery.

Some of the conditions we can help with and manage are;

  • Stress urinary incontinence (leaking of urine with cough, sneeze, laugh, exercise etc)
  • Urinary urge incontinence (sudden urge to empty the bladder, possible leaking before needing the toilet)
  • Pelvic organ prolapse ( bulging of the bladder, uterus or bowel into the vagina)
  • Post-natal (pelvic floor muscle function and pelvic control- particularly in relation to return to exercise, any time after six weeks)
  • Persistent pelvic pain and sexual pain
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation (women recovering from gynaecological surgery such as prolapse repair, continence procedures and hysterectomy)
  • Pelvic pain from endometriosis

What is Involved During a Women's Health Examination?Women's Health Physiotherapy Newcastle post-natal mothers

At Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy our Women's Health physiotherapists will require an initial consultation to gain an accurate and thorough assessment to help treat and manage your condition. Sometimes this will require an internal examination to accurately diagnose your pelvic floor dysfunction. 

Other Treatment Our Women's Health Physiotherapists Provide

  • One hour Pilates classes for pregnant and post-natal women, tailored specifically to your needs
  • Pregnancy massage

Call us today for more information on Women's Health Physiotherapy and how our experienced Physiotherapists can help you at Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy on (02) 4957 2961

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