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Physiotherapy is a treatment intervention based therapy directed at treating physical conditions causing pain and discomfort or limitations to mobility and lifestyle. The goal of the physiotherapist at Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy, Adamstown is to

  • assist in the repair of tissue damage,
  • reduce joint stiffness and eliminate pain,
  • improve mobility,
  • restore function
  • and ultimately improve your quality of life.

What is the Physiotherapists Role?

Physiotherapists are highly qualified health professionals who work together with their patients to help them restore their injury and function and educate them to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Physiotherapists work closely with general practitioners, medical specialists and other health clinicians to plan appropriate treatment for a wide range of injuries, health conditions and movement disorders. This is achieved through the application of advanced techniques and evidence based care. The physiotherapy profession is constantly maintaining the highest possibly form of intervention through clinical research and trials to upgrade the level of care given to their patient.

Who Do Physiotherapists Treat and Help?

At Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy our physiotherapists provide education and implement a wide range of interventions to treat people experiencing pain, movement or biomechanical dysfunction. Our oldest patient is 99 years old and our youngest has been 1! Some conditions our physiotherapists treat include people with pain and stiffness due to arthritis and a range of musculoskeletal complaints ranging from head to toe. This includes neck and back pain, shoulder pain, knee and hip pain, elbow and wrist pain and leg and ankle pain. The longer you leave your injury the more compensation the body will develop, creating muscle imbalances and movement disorders which then develop into chronic painful conditions.

Our physiotherapists also treat people who sustain sporting injuries, people who require rehabilitation following surgery or car accidents or injuries sustained at work. We also treat people who wish to improve endurance and overall fitness level through exercise prescription.

What Equipment Do Physiotherapists Use?

At Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy, we are a primarily a hands on treatment practice. We incorporate some equipment into out treatment programs. Physiotherapists employ massage also into their treatment but we are more than just massage! When you present to us for physiotherapy treatment at Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy we will incorporate a range of treatments to provide you with the highest level of care specially customised for you.

In conjunction with 'hands on' treatment we may perform trigger point therapy, soft tissue massage, muscle energy techniques, orthopaedic manipulative therapy, dry needling, the application of electro modalities and heat, taping and a home exercise program designed specifically to improve your health complaint ( please refer to our list of other services for further details).

Some conditions will require the application of electrotherapy such as laser, ultrasound and interferential.

  • Laser treatment is a hand held device that emits red and near infra-red light directed to the damaged area for thirty (30) seconds. This is performed multiple times. This non-invasive procedure increases blood flow to stimulate repair. It helps to reduce pain, swelling and muscle spasm.
  • Ultrasound therapy is the use of sound waves to treat injuries that involve muscle spasm and inflammatory conditions, this involves the use of different frequencies and intensity of sound to stimulate tissue.
  • Interferential therapy is a low frequency electric stimulation of the nerves. The principles behind this form of treatment is for pain relief, as the pain pathways to the brain are blocked thus allowing muscle spasm to be relieved due to irritation of the nerves. The four main clinical applications to use interferential is pain relief, muscle stimulation, increase in localised blood flow to promote healing and the reduction of oedema.

Call us on (02) 4957 2961 to book a Physiotherapy appointment with our highly qualified Physiotherapists here at Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy.

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