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Shin Splints

Posted by Fahim Takbir on 9 October 2019
Shin Splints

What is SHIN Splints?

Shin splints is a common clinical condition which refers to pain down the front portion of your leg. It is very common if runners, triathletes, soccer players and people in the sporting community in general.

There are two types of SHIN Splints:

1. Anterior Shin Splints: Pain down the outside aspect of your leg, which affects the Tibialis Anterior muscle.

2. Posterior Shin Splints: Pain down the inside aspect of your leg, which affects the Tibialis Posterior muscle.

What can cause SHIN Splints:

1. Poor Running/Walking Form.
2. High Impact Activities- such as jumping or running in an excessive incline.
3. Flat Feet or Excessively High Arch Feet.
4. Overuse and Excessive Sporting Activities.
5. Inappropriate Footwear.
6. Sudden Increase in Activity.
7. Increased Weight Gain. 

What Treatments can be done?

1. Correcting Running Technique and Appropriate Footwear to Your Specific Foot Structure.
2. Strengthening Weak Muscles Associated with Running Technique.
3. Deep Tissue Massage.
4. Dry Needling.
5. Taping to Help Foot Biomechanics.
6. Correct Warm Up and Cool Down Techniques- including stretches, foam rolling and trigger point therapy.

What Treatments can I do at home on my own?

1. Apply an Ice Pack to The Affected Area For 20 Minutes.
2. Avoid Aggravating Activity and Substitute with A Low Impact Activity- such as swimming.
3. Rest As Much As Possible.

What are some Prevention Strategies?

1. Incorporate an Appropriate and Functional Stretching Program Prior to exercising.
2. Choose Flatter, Softer Surfaces to Complete Running Activities on- such as grass or running tracks.
3. Choose Appropriate Footwear When Running/Walking.
4. Adequately Warm Up Prior With Slow Movements to Engage your Muscles Prior to Exercise.
5. Reduce the Intensity of Your Workouts.

If you have recently been diagnosed with a Shin Splints please call us to see how we can help you return to regular activities quicker!
For further information and physiotherapy treatment for Shin Splints contact Newcastle Integrated Physiotherapy on (02) 4957 2961



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