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Meet Exercise Physiologist Elizabeth (Libby) Hughes

Posted by Zoltan Marosszeky on 24 September 2020
Meet Exercise Physiologist Elizabeth (Libby) Hughes

Growing up as a kid in Newcastle, our Exercise Physiologist Libby Hughes was involved in all aspects of the sporting world. Libby was a spectator, a player, a coach, and also spent a lot of time in a physio bed, treating whatever injury she had acquired that week. 

After spending so much time playing sport (and recovering from the subsequent injuries), Libby became interested in how the human body works and first heard about a new profession called Exercise Physiology when she was in Year 9. 

When she discovered that Exercise Physiology was similar to Physiotherapy but involved applying principles of anatomy and biomechanics into specific exercises to prevent and treat injuries in athletes, Libby knew straightaway that this was the career for her!

Libby graduated from university in 2016 with a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science with Distinction, and went on to complete her Masters of Clinical Exercise Physiology in 2018. Her first job was in rural NSW, based in Cootamundra and involved travelling to different towns around the Riverina and Central West.

As the only Exercise Physiologist in the area, Libby was thrown in the deep end and exposed to a wide range of clinical conditions. Libby worked with patients with cardiovascular disease, Type 2 Diabetes, respiratory conditions, and even extremely rare neurological disorders. 

The biggest part of Libby's work became treating military personnel and emergency service workers with chronic pain and mental health conditions, particularly PTSD. Libby realised that she could make the biggest difference as an Exercise Physiologist by learning as much as she could about chronic pain and mental health, not just how to stop athletes from getting injured.

Libby returned to Newcastle 12 months later for a better work/life balance and access to the beach. 

Libby loves to stay active. It keeps her healthy, helps her to manage her pain and past injuries, and improves her mental health. Even though her sporting days are behind her, when Libby's not at work she loves getting out into nature, hiking, and exploring as much of the world as COVID allows.

To book an appointment with Libby, please call us on 4957 2961.

Author:Zoltan Marosszeky
About: B AppSc(Phty) Director & Physiotherapist Zoltan joined Charlestown Physio in 2006. In 2012 he advanced to become the sole owner and director of the practice. He graduated in 1998 from the University of Sydney. He gained extensive knowledge and clinical expertise working for the Australian Military and as senior physiotherapist at the Newcastle Industrial plant OneSteel for five and a half years.
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