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Calf Pain

Posted by Elizabeth Hughes on 2 March 2020
Calf Pain

Calf pain can be caused by a range of different issues, with the most common causes being a muscle strain or Achilles tendinopathy.

The calf muscle is commonly strained due to the complex structure of the muscle itself as well as its involvement in most of the movements you perform in life.

These injuries can generally occur for a range of different reasons. These include:

-poor calf flexibility and ankle stiffness
-poor biomechanics
-calf muscle weakness
-inadequate warm up prior to exercise
-poor training methods
-inappropriate footwear during activity.

Quite often, calf pain will occur after beginning a new exercise routine, where the muscle just isn't ready to cope with the new demands that you're asking of it.

In which case, you'll need a specific strengthening and rehab program designed to strengthen the muscle for the activity you're wanting to do.

Calf pain can also become a recurring issue quite quickly if the reason for the pain is not addressed.

Recurring calf pain is generally the result of inadequate rehab following a previous injury, and poor biomechanics during movement.

If you're suffering from calf pain, new or old, book in to see an exercise physiologist so that they can get to the bottom of your issue and get you back doing what you love pain free!


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